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  SonderKommando Revolt

Project started : 04.2007

Story, Graphics and Managing:
Mapping: Dean, Ronwolf
Coding: Tricob

Features: SDL engine, shading, parallaxed floors/ceiling, weapon bobbing, parallaxed skies, directional scenery, 4 keys, animated scenery, destructable scenery (columns, barrels...), ambient sounds, transparent textures, extra-large VSWAP, interactive textures, 3 backgrounds, mines, electric fences, damaging floor/ceiling textures, additional weapon, interactive/walking prisoners................+many secret coding features that are a surprise.. 

(at least up to the point when you start playing the mod), aka "The story so far..."

You are Josef Goldenberg, jewish, who were chosen for Auschwitz SonderKommando unit.
You last job was in the Crematorium, where you were truck driver to drive the burned ashes for dumping in the river.

After a while, you've created an underground anti-nazi group (of 6 members) that were secretly planning to engage a revolt against the Nazi and take control of the camp, or at least make a sonderkommando group escape from the death camp. You started to make self-made guns and ammo, and also succeded to steal some of the nazi handguns, and even a few MP-40s...later you've smuggled some TNT and heavier weapons into the camp with the help of Polish partisans, and hid them mostly in abandoned train wagons spread around the camp, without the Nazi knowing and even suspecting such. Still, it seemed at the time too little for a full revolt against the nazis that has a chance to take over the camp.
So you kept smuggling and self-making weapons, and also looking out for an opportunity to make a smaller-scale anti-nazi actions.
Meantime you knowledge of the weapon hiding places were strongly restricted and spread among the team members, so each one knew only a unique limited amount of weapon hideouts - to make it harder for the Nazi to expose all of the weapons and ammo if one member of the team is captured and interrogated.

Then you've heard that a very high-ranked Nazi official was to make a visit to Auschwitz to look on the crematoriums, and to superwise the building of a new, larger crematorium to deal with higher extermination rate needed, as the Red Army is progressing towards the camp.
So you decided to make an assasination of the Nazi official. You were supposed to be the driver for that official at the camp, and were supposed to stop in an open space in front of another member (a good sniper) hiding spot from were he'll shoot the Nazi official from the roof of the crematorium.

But one of "non-team" SonderKommandos overheard your secret converstation, an in order to achieve better conditions for himself at the camp, decided to tell Nazis about it.

All the leading team members were captured the next day, a week before the Officer arrival. You were taken to interrogation block 11, were you've tortured, but none of them did "break" AFAUK.
After a week of failing to get any info out of you - you were decided to be executed (on famous Block 11 execution wall) in the evening of the same day that the Nazi official (which visit wasn't cancelled) was to arrive at the camp.

Story: 100% but is being re-written
Coding: 85%
Mapping: 55%

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