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  SonderKommando 3 - Mission:Treblinka

Project started :  Not Yet.

Story, Graphics and Managing:

Features: shading, parallaxed floors/ceiling, weapon bobbing, parallaxed skies, directional scenery, 4 keys, animated scenery, destructable scenery (columns, barrels...), ambient sounds, transparent textures, extra-large VSWAP, interactive textures, 3 backgrounds, mines, electric fences, damaging floor/celing textures, additional weapon,...+many secret coding features that are a surprise.. 

Story: 10%
Coding: 85%
Mapping: 0%

You are Josef Goldenberg, jewish.

After defeating the Nazis in Warsaw Ghetto uprising (in "SonderKommando 2 - Warsaw Uprising") and later escaping from Warsaw to the woods before Nazis bring an additional units - you understand that the mission is not over. Many many Warsaw ex-residents were taken (as usual) to Treblinka extermination camp on trains, trucks and other transportation machinery.
One of them, as you discover, is your older brother, who was smart enouph to espace from your village a day before azis took you and your parents to Auschwitz.

So you must go after the Nazi trucks and trains and stop this transfer and after that - who knows, maybe even make a confrontation in Treblinka.

You get a message that many of those trucks and trains were blown up and damaged by other Polish partisan groups on the way to Treblinka. Nazis from those trains are scattered there guarding the prisoner wagons and trucks - till Nazi assistance and transportation will come to resque them and securing the nearby forest areas.

It's your chance. You need to get there, take over the Nazis, resque the prisoners and check if one of them is your brother, or was he on one of the trucks that went around partisans's traps.
If he is not there - you'll need to get to Treblinka itself...who knows what will happen.

While other partisans are a bit slow to react, you take one of the abandoned Nazi truck and drive in the direction of Treblinka.
After a long road, you finally hear Nazi stop the truck so you won't be noticed, get out of the truck, and get your pistol once again........

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