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  SonderKommando 2 - Warsaw Uprising

Project started : 10.2007

Story, Graphics and Managing:

Features: shading, parallaxed floors/ceiling, weapon bobbing, parallaxed skies, directional scenery, 4 keys, animated scenery, destructable scenery (columns, barrels...), ambient sounds, transparent textures, extra-large VSWAP, interactive textures, 3 backgrounds, mines, electric fences, damaging floor/celing textures, additional weapon,, damaging floor/ceilings, transparent floors/ceilings................+many secret coding features that are a surprise.. 

Story: 10%
Coding: 85%
Mapping: 0%

You are Josef Goldenberg, jewish.

After escaping from Auschwitz (in "SonderKommando Revolt") to the forest, you joined Polish partisans.
There you're given  polish uniform and a pistol.

After a while the partisans get a message from a messenger from Warsaw Ghetto, asking for help of Polish partisans in the planned uprising againt Nazis, after the Ghetto residents understood they'll all be sent to Treblinka for final termination.
After a brief discussion, you decide to accept the distress call, and start moving towards Warsaw Ghetto.
When you come close enouph to it you head alot of shootings and explosions. You understand the uprising has already begun.
Still, a hard task is ahead - getting into the Ghetto itself. You wait for the night, and then try to get close to the east entrance to the camp.
Along the way, you decide to choose a different path, and try to come to come from the north using the underground sewers and passages...
What you don't know, that part of those sewers and underground passages were discovered by Nazis by accident and as a result of interrogation...and so they've sent a special unit to guard those passages...

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