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  Secret of Eridu

Project started : 07.2007

Story, Graphics and Managing:
Coding: WLHack, Tricob
Ronwolf, Tricob

Features: shading, parallaxed floors/ceiling, weapon bobbing, parallaxed skies, directional scenery, 4 keys, animated scenery, destructable scenery (columns, barrels...), ambient sounds, transparent textures, extra-large VSWAP, interactive textures, 3 backgrounds, additional weapon, ...............+many secret coding features that are a surprise.. 

Story (at least up to the point when you start playing the mod), aka "The story so far..."

450 000 years ago, an advanced alien race called Annunaki, came from their planet Nibiru to Earth in order to get gold to save atmosphere of their home planet. After failing to extract the gold from ocean water they built gold mines. At first they worked their own "woking class" of "lower" annunaki, but after hundreds of years on working at the gold mines, the workers revolted against their masters. The solution was to create an ape-annunaki genetic hybrid called the Human to work at the gold mines in Tilmun, which eventually in their turn revolted agaist annunakies, with the help "from inside" by Annunak called Enki.
Story: 80%
Coding: 85%
Mapping: 5%

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