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Should have less nudity
Should have the same level of nudity
Should have more nudity

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Femstein ported to SDL
Great idea!
I might give it another look on SDL...
I'm not excited even a bit..but that's just me.
Waste of time..noone IMO will play it

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Best name for Sonder 3 according to current storyline
Mission:Treblinka (current name) 20%
Road to Treblinka 60%
Treblinka Resque 5%
TrainHunt 0%
Final purcuit 0%
Train Purcuit 0%
Other name with Purcuit in it 10%
Final delivery 5%
20 Total votes
Minimum number of levels you'd expect from Sonder 1

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What you'd prefer next active project (after Sonder 1) to be?
Secret of Eridu
SonderKommando Revolt 2

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Rate Femstein
Bad mod overall
Nice graphics and maps, but medium overall
Good mod, but too mature
Good mod
Excellent mod
Dome award quality mod

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