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General modding
ModDBLargest modding website on the net!!!326 Clicks
Daggerfall artpackGreat graphic modding resource416 Clicks
Spriters ResourceA very cool site full of sprites from old games160 Clicks
Sound Effects ArchiveGreat site to get cool sound effects for your (Wolf3D?) mods138 Clicks
Spritesheet collectionWebsite with many ripped SpriteSets, from Apogee games and not only....340 Clicks
Wav SourceOne of the best sites to get free WAV sounds for your (Wolf3D?) mods309 Clicks
Textures CollectionOne of the largest DOOM-type texture collections on the net!!!245 Clicks
Game SpritesGreat SpriteSheet collection181 Clicks
TreesGood place to rip tree art195 Clicks
Marathon Aleph OneFree 3D engine150 Clicks


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