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DOOM engine modding
NewDoomLatest DOOM/DOOM2/DOOM3 news and discussion on NewDOOM forum.160 Clicks
zDoom portMost popular DOOM port around, especially among modders. Also the most popular DOOM modding forum on the net146 Clicks
SkulltagMost advanced multiplayer "gamemode-based" DOOM port on the net!329 Clicks
DOOM LegacyNice, but far not the best DOOM port around - but the only one with almost crash-free 2-Player SplitScreen!130 Clicks
DOOM extension packsDOOM Enviromental Hi-Res pack and DOOM User Interface Hi-res Pack128 Clicks
zDoomGLAbandoned, lost to GzDoom, a bit slow on framerate - but still a nice OpenGL zDoom-based DOOM port201 Clicks
GzDoomThe best OpenGL DOOM port around, with advanced modding features167 Clicks
zDaemonOne of the most popular network multiplayer DOOM client140 Clicks
Risen3DOnce much more popular, but still nice DOOM port116 Clicks
DoomsdayOne of the best and graphically enhanced DOOM ports on the net148 Clicks


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