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Project released : 04.2007

Download (version 1.02)

Story, Graphics and Managing:
Coding: WHLack

Features: shading, textured floors/ceiling, weapon bobbing, parallaxed skies, directional scenery, 4 keys, animated scenery, destructable scenery (columns, barrels...), ambient sounds, transparent textures, extra-large VSWAP, interactive textures

Story (at least up to the point when you start playing the mod), aka "The story so far..."
The year is 1998. After a wave of beatiful women and
known models dissapearing all around the world, the
Russian intelligence have finally got a partial success on
putting some light on the mystery. Some emails and
phone calls were intercepted, and the information they contained was most disturbing.
Apparently, on Island of Lesstop in the Pacific Ocean, a
secret "amazonic" women movement established their
main base. The goal of the movement apparently is creating a female army to take over the "Male-dominated" world,
creating total female domination all over the Earth. Men will
be used as slaves. To acheive that goal, women from
around the world are being kidnapped and transferred
to this Island, where they are asked to join the rebellion.
The ones that agree get quite comfortable rooms and are treated rather nicely (at least at first), and are submitted to basic military training while being totally nude (though rumors are some are secretely hiding underwear in their rooms and wearing them so
the guards won't see, even wash them, desprite that those who get caught using guards laudromats for that purpose are brutally punished (though unknown how)). After passing the
tests they join the professional army units and get their
army pants (though still no underwear. The main idea of full or at least half nudity is to be easily idetified as female, so male spies can't infortrate the rebelion). Another
rumor from quite an unreliable source is that there is some cloning
going on there.
Those who refuse to join the rebellion are brutally
tortured (or even executed in some cases) and kept in
prison cells, mostly in underground dangeons.

Some male agents were sent to Lesstop, but got too distracted
by half-nudity of the guards that couldn't fight and got
shot pretty fast. Female agents were sent as well, but ended joining the rebellion as they got brainwashed by the anti-male theme of the surroundings, so male agents are the only hope

You are top secret russian agent Max Titov, nicknamed "Green Scorpion", and your mission is - to enter the Island and find any useful
information on the rebellion. and DON'T GET
DISTRACTED by the femme fatals!

And just before you go in, some new information
The name of the leader of the rebellion (and the one that
came with it's idea) is Marta Dran
She was a young beatiful girl that wanted to be an
actress. But male producer told her that her breast are
too small for her to really get the hollywood success she
desires. Marta didn't give up, and so went to a plastic surgery, much enlarging her breasts. But heavy breats have put
too much weight and pressure on her knees, so after a
while knee-pain started torturing Marta (though she ignored itat first with her busy hollywood schedule) and soon she couldn't walk. Hollywood soon forgot about her. Doctor's diagnose was that her knees got an irreversable damage from breast overweight and she will never walk again, and so she needs a
motoric chair. So she began hating male dominated world that made her to over-enlange her breasts without caring for her health, and so she came with an idea to create female dominated society. the rest is a history....There is a rumor her motoric chair has a few surprises...

Additional info just came in:
It seems that the main Fort uses bulletproof half-seethough doors to make easy tracking on the models and to prevent an uprising.

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