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October update 1
DoomJedi on 10/18/2008 at 6:52pm (UTC)
 I'm happy to announce that Tricob "finished" first version of Sonder4SDL exe (based on WolfDX), and it works pretty good.

Sonder has never looked better :)

Still, there are things to add and bugs to fix, but this is a major advancement in a mod that has art finished, and mapping in a very advanced stage.

When exe will be finished, I guess Sonder will be released relatively soon after that :)

Might I add this is progress for all "my" mods, as they will be baed on that exe, with minor tweaks.....
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August update 1
DoomJedi on 08/24/2008 at 1:29pm (UTC)
 While my artwork on the other mods is quite finished, being bored I've started artwork and storywork on another idea that kinda bugged me recently asking to be born.
Current workname for the mod is "To Heaven and Back" (probably will be changed later).
This mod, will be Heaven themed, and maybe will unclude other themes like Astral World, Olympus, Hell , Hades Underworld etc especially on WolfDX engine that will allow many backgrounds and art themes.
Currectly no coding or mapping is made, only art and story are worked out by myself.
Currently many concepts are considered, from fighting Gods to Hell to Heaven offence.
Also it might become Eridu sequel. But currently it's a standalone mod.

I want to create here alot of green, grass, flowers, water, angels and other cute things...donnow if they'll bleed or just spark off. Rain and snow in Heaven you'll see looks differently than usual one :)
I really want to depict Heaven mood and feel.
Weapons will be unique as well, and are in development as well. Also I try to think of the main character and his look. I might post some new polls about this new mod later.
Some Bosses will be based off Eridu Bosses (especially Olympus Gods) and some (more hellish ones) will be from Corridor 7.
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July update 2
DoomJedi on 07/25/2008 at 8:54am (UTC)
I've decided to look for a new coder. Tricob and Dean agreed.
I've posted the "hiring request" on Wolf3D forums, and also PMed a few of the coders.
I'll tell you if there will be some update on that.

Finished another enemy spawner animation for Warsaw and a toilet-nazi animation. There is an idea for another enemy spawner, but this one a little bit harder to make graphic-wise
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July update
DoomJedi on 07/17/2008 at 6:46am (UTC)
Despite of the slow coding progress, overall Sonder is going strong.
I know that the project is already 16 month old, but I'll release a quality mod, or not release it at all.
Tricob is working on the coding, though mainly for WolfDX, which Sonder will be based on (currently it's still based on expanded "Femstein"/"False Spear" engine) WolfDX progress is Sonder progress. Sonder won't use the hi-res sprites and textures feature, but will pretty much use most of the other features, and also add many unique features of it's own.
Ronwolf and Dean keep mapping maps that are getting larger and larger, better and better. Not too large progress lately, all are very busy...but still.
Me...I don't do much work for Sonder if at all beside general managing. Sonder graphics are basically finished, and so I work mostly for Sonder's sequel - Warsaw Uprising. For Sonder my latest addition was "from scratch" exploding barrel animation.
For Warsaw Uprising I work on enemy spawners animations.
Also, some of Warsaw art might go (with credit) to Tricob's WolfDX. He asked my permission to use the art, and I agreed.
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