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18.10.2008 Sonder4SDL - first beta - finished
I'm happy to announce that Tricob "finished" first version of Sonder4SDL exe (based on WolfDX), and it works pretty good. Sonder has never looked better
Still, there are things to add and bugs to fix, but this is a major advancement in a mod that has art finished, and mapping in a very advanced stage.

24.08.2008 "To Heaven and Back" started
This is my new mod, which will be Heaven themed, and maybe will unclude other themes like Astral World, Olympus, Hell , Hades Underworld etc especially on WolfDX engine that will allow many backgrounds and art themes.
Currectly no coding or mapping is made, only art and story are worked out by myself.
Currently many concepts are considered, from fighting Gods to Hell to Heaven offence.
Also it might become Eridu sequel. But currently it's a standalone mod.
See my Blog and mod's page for more details

23.07.2008 Chatroom and Location map was added

23.07.2008 Sonder neeeds a Coder

Sonder has a lot of art and coding features that Tricob (current project coder) didn't see how can fit within the normal wolf3d engine memory (Current engine is still "False Spear/Femstein" one.)
So unless the new coder is very good in memory saving and veeeery creative - we need him to know WolfDX, Wolf4SDL or whatever engine coding that allows much larger memory limits.

We need a coder with commitment and free time.

If you're interested - write to

16.07.2008 Large website update.

Image Gallery
Polls page

DoomJedi's dev. blog
Public project forum
Useful links page

Some stuff removed...guestbook cleaned up.

02.04.2008 After we (by his request) kept the identity of our new team mapper a secret (till it was recently leaked out), I'm proud to reveal Dean is our recent new mapper.
I have to say on behalf of our Sonder team we are very pleased with his maps so far - which are breathtaking to say the least

New Sonder engine is progressing well, thanks to Tricob.

Lilmanjs was put on probation period for lack of contribution and participation on the project.

03.11.2007 Lilmanjs joined the "SonderKommando Revolt" mapping team. Good Luck to lilmanjs!

22.10.2007 Second SonderKommando Revolt's sequel title was announced. It'll be called "SonderKommando 3 - Mission:Treblinka". See the mod's page for more details and updates.
Originally the name that was considered was "Treblinka Resque"

21.10.2007 The website is created!

19.10.2007 SonderKommando Revolt's sequel title was announced. It'll be called "SonderKommando 2 - Warsaw Uprising". See the mod's page for more details and updates.

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